Dear member,
As you are now aware we have successfully restarted training – a huge thank you to everyone who made it happen, Sophie & Steve at Brentwood Slope, our excellent coaching team, our committee and most importantly all our athletes who have been itching to get back to ski training – we thank you all take a bow!!!
Seeing our members skiing at Brentwood after such a long pause is heartwarming to see – immaculately turned out ambassadors to the Snowsports world – and long may it continue. However since our last update there has been an amendment to training. This will remain in place until restrictions for Snowsport England ease and return to normal. Rules at the slope and slope fees have not changed, just the method of attendance confirmation. Please click on the link which has been sent to you by email

What parents have to do ASAP:
  1. Find their name on the allocated sessions under each WB tap
  2. Highlight if they are going to attend with a “Y” and with a “N” if they cannot attend  *Must to be done 48 hours before the session* 
  3. Even if you have told us that you are away, please can you check in case we have missed you off the attending list. 
  4. At The bottom of the Google spreadsheet there are individual tabs for each week – please fill in as far ahead as you can.
What parents can do if they wish for their child to attend another session?
  1. Check which sessions your child is allocated to attend on the *Groups tap*
    1. Thursday night athletes only – can attend both Thursday and Saturday sessions, but priority is given to those athletes in their allocated groups first (I.E. Saturday training racers get Saturday training priority over Thursday racers).
    2. Some Saturday athletes (highlighted with both sessions next to their name) can attend a Thursday night, but priority is given to those athletes in their allocated groups first. 
  2. If a session has a slot available which will be identified by a “N” next to someone’s name, then you can add your athlete’s name to claim that training place. 
Additional information:
We know this is not perfect (but please bear with us) hopefully this is a temporary measure until relaxed restrictions are announced by Snowsport England. If we cannot make this amended format work successfully then we will have to return back to allowing people to attend only their allocated session! So Racers and parents we appreciate your efforts to fill in the athletes details as soon as possible, don’t forget if anything here sounds confusing or you would like clarification just shout – we’re happy to help.