Training sessions

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We meet every Saturday at 17:00, and train until 19:00. We also run an additional training session for our elite racers and more senior skiers on Thursday from 19:00 until 21:00.

We have an annual club membership fee of £40.00 (which affiliates club members to Snow Sport England). Club training fees (which cover both slope hire and training for the two hour session as well as ski equipment if required) are £17.00 for Adults and Juniors members.”

If you’re not yet a “club” member, Club training fees for guests are £20.00 for Adults and Juniors.

If you fancy a chat, racers of all ages will try to answer your questions, as will the committee and racer’s parents & guardians. Everything is very informal, and if you would like to see if you’re at the required standard to train, please come along and speak to one of our coaches.

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Though the Race club is not for teaching beginners to ski, we do remember we were all amateurs once – snowploughing down the hill – so don’t be put off!