ABC guide to racing

Essex LogoAt Essex Ski Racing club we actively champion regional ski racing – because it’s exhilarating and excellent value for money. The summer racing season lasts from April to October. All the slopes are within a 2 hour drive, and feature superb BBQ’s! Oh, and you can race too!!! Don’t worry, you won’t be left adrift, our regular coaching sessions and timed club race evenings, along with our friendly fellow racers will guide you through your first race meetings. Then there will be no stopping you!

Yes you will need long sleeved tops, trousers, gloves and a helmet of your own, but the club may be able to assist with loan ski’s and boots until you’re fully equiped. A discount is available at the excellent Ski Bartlett for specific race equipment too.

Don’t worry about the mystical art of “ski tuning” we will show you how to love your skis!