Here at Essex Ski Racing Club we have two training sessions per week for our members.  They are aimed at taking athletes from competent recreational skiers to confident ski racers in both an artificial and alpine environment. 

We are lucky enough to have our sessions delivered by the coaches named below, who you can read more about on the Meet the team page. 

  • Steve: Director of Racing
  • Dan: Head Coach
  • Garedd: Thursday night coach
  • Martyn: Saturday evening coach

Attending Race Training Sessions

Attendance to each of the training sessions is done so on invite only to ensure that the number of athletes attending each session is appropriate.

Saturday afternoon development Race Training

(4pm-6pm summer training times and 5pm-7pm winter training times)

This training session is delivered by our Head Coach, Dan. The session is focused at developing athletes onto the Thursday night training session. During the sessions we focus on developing a wide range of skills that are appropriate to both dry slope and snow, whilst also preparing athletes for entry level races that the club attend within their affiliated region. Furthermore, in this session both full gates and stubbies are utilised to best prepare our athletes of all age groups. 

**All athletes in this group will need to be fully paid members of the club**

Invitations to a Saturday evening development session:

In order to be invited to a Saturday evening development session, Steve (Director of Racing) will complete an assessment on an individual basis. Whilst Steve is completing these assessments, he is looking for a number of things:

  • General technical free skiing ability
  • Maturity 
  • Attitude 

Parents wishing for their child to be assessed by Steve, should make contact with Brentwood Ski and Snowboard Centre to arrange this directly and email 

Thursday evening elite race training-invite only


This training session is delivered by current coach and athlete, Garedd. The focus for a Thursday night is for Garedd to coach a smaller group of athletes on an invite only basis from the Saturday development session. Here we work on refining the race craft of the athletes in order to prepare them for national level races. Furthermore, in this session, full gates are the main focus to ensure that our athletes are best prepared. 

In both sessions, we aim to find a balance between giving athletes of ESRC exposure to both technical free skiing as well as running slalom and pro-slalom courses. In doing this, we are striving to make our athletes well rounded skiers, as well as racers. 

**All athletes in this group will need to be fully paid members of the club** 

Invitations to a Thursday evening elite session:

In order to be invited to a Thursday evening elite session, Dan (Head Coach) will promote athletes on an individual basis based on one or more of the following things:

  • Be 13 years of age or over and/or registered in the U14 category or above. 
  • Be able to perform all skills and drills undertaken on the Saturday PM Development session at a high and consistent level. 
  • Express the necessary level of maturity required for a more intensive level of training. 
  • Be an Ambassador and role model to younger and aspiring members of ESRC. 

All athletes who are put forward to attend the Thursday night session, are done so at the discretion and agreement of the coaches. 

Landgraaf Training Camps

See our Landgraaf Training Camps page for more information on the training camps that we run in Landgraaf, Holland.